Welcome to JUIBrowser

What is JUIBrowser:
JUIBrowser is a Browser for graphical user interfaces.
JUIBrowser allows to develop using an API very similar to Swing, the api-commands are compressed and sent down to the client which creates the interface. If you are curious, read more tech-stuff on our About-Page.

JUIBrowser has been developed to simplify development of Client-Server applications - moving almost all of client-side logic&code to the server, which means smaller download size and very high performance.
If you're curious how well such a design can work, you can try it on the Demo-Page.


2008-05-02: Too many improvements to list all of them, many clever optimizations, see more on status-page.
2007-11-30: Target date for first public release
2007-11-18: Many size optimizations - client is now 32,9kb including encryption.
2007-11-13: Protocol and performance optimizations
2007-11-10: Webpage created, first (silent) announcement on javalobby.org
2007-05-??: Started basic design and prototype implementation, optimizations, design revisitions, ...