JUIBrowser is not really ready for use, its API may change and the code on sourceforge does not reflect the latest development-efforts (although the online-demo should be quite accurate).
If you're interested please contact me.

JUIBrowser is currently in an pre-alpha state:

The framework and the underlaying technologies seem to offer enough functionality to implement half-objects on top of  the  SWING api.
A few half-objects for the most important Swing widgets do exist, however they are limited in their functionality - so by extending the half objects it will be possible to develop really complex and large applications.

However it is really simple to extend JUIBrowser's functionality. Adding support for a new Swing-Widget usually takes one or in more complex cases two java-files with only a few lines of code, and a missing method is implemented just with one or two additional methods.


Some tasks that I plan to do with JUIBrowser in near future:
Already completed tasks: